How long will it take to get my auto title loan funds?

San Francisco applicants could receive their funds in as little as 1 business day after qualifying with LoanMart.³

Why should I choose LoanMart?

LoanMart offers a number of exciting benefits that distinguish us from the competition, and especially from other types of loans. First of all, we’ve been in the auto title loan business since 2002. We provide round-the-clock service, comprehensive support, convenient ways to apply, affordable monthly payments, terms ranging from 12 to 48 months, and funds in as little as 1 business day, among countless other features.3

How much does it cost to apply for an auto title loan?

It’s absolutely free to apply for an auto title loan with LoanMart! Even after you find out how much you’ll qualify for, you are under no obligations to proceed with the auto title loan—it’s your choice.

Do I have to give up my car to get an auto title loan?

No. Although LoanMart uses your title as collateral, you will retain full use of your vehicle as long as you make regularly monthly payments.

How can I get approved for an auto title loan?

Most San Francisco customers will need to provide the following information in order to qualify:

A government-issued photo ID or driver’s license, proof of income such as bank statements or pay stubs, your qualifying title to a vehicle, and proof of residence such as a utility bill.

How much money can I get?

Depending on your qualifying factors, you could borrow between $2,510 and $50,000 with an auto title loan in San Francisco with LoanMart.¹ ⁵

Can I get an auto title loan with poor credit?

LoanMart welcomes applicants with ALL credit types to apply for an auto title loan with us.1 Unlike traditional bank lenders, who often take your credit score as the only determining factor for qualification, LoanMart uses your vehicle’s title as collateral for the loan. We also consider factors such as the equity of your vehicle and your ability to make consistent monthly payments in order to determine if and how much you’ll qualify for.

What is the cost of my credit going to be?

Our interest rates vary based on the state of residency, and the terms agreed to. Our annual interest rates vary between 60% and 180%. For a typical loan of $2500 at 90% interest, the average term is 18 months, with a payment of $257.57. The total scheduled interest on this loan would be $2136.26. The interest on a loan may vary based on timing of payments made. Click here for Utah Fee Schedule.