LoanMart Offers Auto Title Loans in Saratoga

In as little as 1 business day, you could gather funding on an auto title loan from LoanMart.³ You could take home between $2,510 and $50,000 depending on a couple of variables such as the equity value of your vehicle, and by your ability to make monthly payments on the auto title loan.¹ ⁵

For qualified applicants in Saratoga, this funding is something you could achieve. LoanMart recognizes the situation you may be in, and that’s why we put you at the highest priority. Since 2002, we’ve been a trusted auto title loan lender.

Fill out an information request form today, and the funds you are looking for could be given to you in as little as 1 business day!³

How Do Auto Title Loans in Saratoga Work?

The process of an auto title loan is when you use the equity value in your vehicle, the free-and-clear title that is in your name, and a few other factors to help you secure a loan. If you are a qualified applicant, you use the title as collateral and LoanMart adds ourselves as a lien holder until you finish paying back the auto title loan.

For the duration of the auto title loan, you continue to drive your vehicle as long as monthly payments are being made in full. When you’ve completed all of your monthly payments, we release the lien on your title and you receive your title back.

Applying for an Auto Title Loan in Saratoga

Our auto title loan agents are available to assist you with your auto title loan needs. Customers of Saratoga could utilize these three methods to apply for an auto title loan:

  • Online
  • By our toll-free number at 415-527-0688
Why Should I get an Auto Title Loan with LoanMart?

Besides the fact that you could receive thousands of dollars, we also offer these features if you are a qualified applicant:

  • Funding is possible in as little as 1 business day for applicants that qualify³
  • No penalties for early payment
  • Competitive rates across the industry of auto title loans
  • Apply for an auto title loan from LoanMart regardless of your credit score
Documents Necessary for an Auto Title Loan in Saratoga
  • Be in possession of a qualifying vehicle with a free-and-clear title, which is in your name
  • Validate Ability to Repay – Bank account statements and/or paycheck stubs
  • Proof of Where You Live with recent mail such as a utility bill
  • Possess a valid Government Photo I.D. such as a Driver’s License